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Cookies policy

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Cookie policy


The website,, uses cookies. This policy states what they are used for and how they can be deleted.


§ 1. Definition Cookies are small text files with information that are automatically saved on a website user's device. Cookies are widely used to improve the user experience of a website's visitors. There are two different types of cookies, timed and session cookies. Timed cookies are saved for a longer period of time and remain between the times a user visits the website. Session cookies are only saved while the website is being used, they are thus deleted when the website/browser is closed.


§ 2. Use of cookies We use time-limited cookies. The information that is saved is the following: Name Telephone number Address The use of cookies is for the following purposes: We use cookies to improve the user experience. Saving users' login information through cookies makes it easier for them to log in in the future. Third-party cookies We use third-party cookies as follows: Third-party cookies from Facebook are placed on the website. These store information with the aim of optimizing advertising on the website.


§ 3. Consent


a) Obtaining consent We obtain consent in the following way: Consent is obtained directly on the website via the cookie information box. The user accepts cookies by clicking "Confirm"


b) Consent validity period Consent to the use of cookies is valid for 60 months. When the above-mentioned period has passed, new consent must be obtained for continued use of cookies.


c) Revoking consent A user who has given consent must be able to revoke this at any time, which is done in the following way: Consent can be revoked directly on the website under the "cookie" tab, consent is revoked by deleting stored cookies in the browser.


d) Right to have their personal data deleted When consent has been withdrawn, the user can, if desired, also request that their information be deleted from all of the website's servers. This is done via e-mail sent to

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