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Your local technical specialist Service

Fancy Phone is dedicated to providing the best customer service and repairs  for mobile phones, tablets and computers available to you. When your device needs repair, you don't have to worry for long! Our technicians are skilled at handling all devices and gadgets whether you need repairs for your home or business.

Fancy Phone specializes in smartphone, tablet and computer repairs ⭐️ → For over 16 years, the staff has been helping to repair smartphones ? The concept was born out of the clear need in the market for a reliable and specialized solution for the customer. What sets us apart from other workshops is the treatment and commitment you as a customer receive from us. Today we are one of Linköping's best service workshops for smartphones and you as a customer always get fast service and low prices.

Regardless of whether the problem is big or small, we at Fancy Phone can help fix a mobile phone, tablet or computer. We perform repairs on iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, Huawei, and many more brands. We are not self-described geniuses, but we are experts at what we do.

Fancy Phone was born out of a love of technology. To begin with, we offered repairs for the popular iPhone 3GS handset. However, the demand for our services quickly showed that there was a large gap between what the manufacturer charged for repairs and what ordinary people considered a fair and reasonable price. It was with growing confidence in our ability to provide an efficient and reliable service to competitive prices as the company's business potential became apparent. With the help of our team of qualified technicians, we now offer the full range of iPhone repair that is part of our business.

It was with growing confidence in our ability to provide an efficient and reliable service at competitive prices that the company's business potential became apparent. With the help of our team of qualified technicians, we now offer the full range of iPhone repairs. Fancy Phone offers affordable on-site mobile phone repair services, e.g. battery replacement, screen repair,

problems with speakers and battery etc. At Storgatan 25 in Linköping, we repair all types of phones and Macbook devices. We offer world class mobile phone repair services for all brands of smartphones, iphones, computers, macbook & tablets, in Linköping through our dedicated service centers for mobile phone repairs in Linköping. We can repair iphone screen, repair samsung screen, repair huawei screen, repair iphone battery, repair samsung battery, repair huawei battery and much more. “Manufacturers' prices often seem to be at a level intended to encourage people to buy new phones/tablets rather than thinking about getting their old devices repaired.

Being able to offer repairs at competitive prices means we can now offer a viable repair option.” – Fancy Phone in Linköping.

Microsoft Windows PC Computer Repair

Mobile phones, tablets repair All Brands and All Models

Apple iMac and Macbook computer Repair

Repair of motherboards and circuit boards

Data Recovery

Battery replacement

Repair of front and rear cameras

Clean Your Computer From Viruses

Replacement of cracked and broken laptop screens

Charging port repair

The center of town

Express Service

Only Premium Quality

Open every day of the year

We Specialize In

Our field of activity includes these areas

Computer Repair

Problems with your computer? We will solve it. We are the ones you call when your computer is slow and your programs stop working. The warranty period varies between 6 months, 12 months.


Portable Repair

Has the laptop crashed? Don't worry! Our qualified and friendly laptop repair technicians will bring it back to life.

Remove malware and viruses

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can remove the attacks without destroying your data.


Smart Watch Repair

We carry out most Smart Watch Repairs

Tablet Repair

Whether it's iPad or other brand, we can fix it!

tablet repair-ipad_1200x900-inzoomad.webp

No Fix – No Fee Guarantee

If we can't fix your device, you don't owe us a dime!

​Whether your computer is running unbearably slow or won't turn on at all, you can bring your computer to us today for all your computer repair needs. The expert technicians at Fancy Phone have the experience to deal with all the common problems, including problems with your operating system, water damage, hardware replacement, software problems and much more.


Honesty and openness

We promise to deliver a comprehensive service and to deliver it perfectly.

It is our promise to the customer that all trade is fair and open. Customer satisfaction and trust are such pillars that are built only through perfect adhesive honesty and this means that we present all our business aspects openly to the customer so that he or she can take a thorough look and decide for himself.

Get your device repaired NOW!

for one of our professional technicians to assist you with your device  or other request.

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