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50% on optional accessories in connection with repairs under

October 2023(does not apply to Apple originals)

Fancy Phone was born out of a love of technology. To begin with, we offered repairs for the popular iPhone 3GS handset. 

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We have screen protectors for ALL brands and ALL models Mobile phones, Tablets, Smartwatches etc 



Put your Apple products in
the best hands. 


We are independent Repair Provider of Apple! (IRP)

Fancy Phone is authorized and registered through Apple's independent repairer program (IRP). Our team has an exceptionally successful repair rate and maintains the highest level of professionalism, 

which has enabled us to be accepted into Apple's network of Apple Independent Service Providers.

Buy, Sell used units

Don't want to repair your phone? Do you just want the latest gadget?

We have many options to help you get back on track. Just because you have signed a subscription with your mobile operator does not mean that you have to keep a phone that you are no longer satisfied with. We buy and sell used mobile phones, tablets and computers.
Sell your old phone to us, Do you have an old phone just lying around? come in with it and we'll buy it in! If you have decided not to fix your device, we are happy to buy / recycle it for you.

We will give you money for your used or broken device.

We will give you money for your used or broken device.

Sit back and relax. Enjoy our service when it suits you.


We Can Fix It

Do you have a broken Smartphone, Tablet, Smart watch or Computer? 

Professional Mobile Repairer

Fancy Phone was born out of a love of technology. To begin with, we offered repairs for the popular iPhone 3GS handset. However, the demand for our services quickly showed that there was a large gap between what the manufacturer charged for repairs and what ordinary people considered a fair and reasonable price. It was with growing confidence in our ability to provide an efficient and reliable service at competitive prices that the company's business potential became apparent. With the help of our team of qualified technicians, we now offer the full range of iPhone repair that is part of our business.

It was with growing confidence in our ability to provide an efficient and reliable service at competitive prices that the company's business potential became apparent. With the help of our team of qualified technicians, we now offer the full range of iPhone repairs.

Fancy Phone offers affordable on-site mobile phone repair services, e.g. battery replacement, screen repair, problems with speakers and charging port, etc. At Storgatan 25 in Linköping, we repair all types of phones and Macbook devices.

fix mobile linköping

We offer world class mobile phone repair services for all brands of smartphones, iphone, macbook & tablets, in Linköping through our dedicated service centers for mobile phone repairs in Linköping.


“Manufacturers' prices often seem to be at a level intended to encourage people to buy new phones/tablets rather than thinking about getting their old devices repaired. Being able to offer repairs at competitive prices means we can now offer a viable repair option.” – Fancy Phone in Linköping.


Fix iPhone link buying

Fancy Phone are the trusted technology repair specialists and offer fast iPhone screen repair, battery replacement and several other iPhone repairs.


The iPhone screen replacement is carried out in as little as 30 minutes, so you can wait with us in the store or leave your smartphone and come back later to pick it up in our store in Linköping at Storgatan 25.

fix mobile linköping

Our expert technicians can carry out your repair, regardless of the problem. Whether your iPhone has a scratched or cracked screen and needs a screen replacement, won't turn on, won't charge, is water damaged, needs a battery replacement, or you're having issues with the sound, buttons, camera, charging station, or signal, our specialists are trained to diagnose and fix all these problems and more while you wait.


Our mobile repair technicians, who offer a full range of services, are also qualified to repair defective LCD screens and provide data recovery if your data has been lost, damaged or inaccessible. You can be sure that all the parts we use are of highest quality and we also offer a 6-month warranty, for example, on our iPhone display replacement, Samsung display replacement, iPhone battery replacement, iPad screen replacement, Samsung Display replacement repair, fix mobile Linköping, Fix Phone Linköping, Mobile Phone Repair, Repair Iphone Linköping, fix iphone screen,  Samsung Repair, Screen replacement Linköping, huawei screen replacement, huawei battery replacement, huawei display replacement, repair iphone Linköping, repair mobile display fixing iPhone in Linköping at the best mobile repairer is easier than ever. All mobile repairs are serviced in our stores in Linköping.

Why won't my iPhone turn on?

There are a few possible reasons why your iPhone won't turn on. Here are some possible solutions: The battery in your iPhone is completely discharged and needs to be connected to a power source. Or the iPhone battery needs to be replaced. Your iPhone needs to be restarted. If your iPhone is water damaged, you probably need to fix your water damaged iPhone quickly to avoid serious damage. If none of these solutions work, bring it in to a Fancy Phone near you to have a professional cell phone repairer take a look.

Phone repair Linköping

If your cell phone is doomed, please give it to us as we fix things that most other companies in the industry can't fix. Visit us, we are one of Sweden's most experienced smartphone repairers. As Sweden's leading mobile phone repairer, we repair most brands such as  iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia, Huawei, Motorola, OnePlus, LG, HTC, Nokia.

We also have special skills to repair your PC or Mac computer.



Our technicians are ready to Fix your device

From iPhones to iPads and the latest and greatest devices – your local store can repair your mobile phone or tablet in 30-45 minutes at our store at Storgatan 25

Environment, Service and Accessories

An environmentally conscious shop that quickly repairs your mobile phone and tablet directly on site in the shop without having to send it on. With us you also buy mobile accessories, covers, wallets, charging cables/charging cords and spare parts for mobile phones. With a strong focus on the environment, it is natural for us to work with used mobile phones and you as a customer can both buy and sell with us.

Repairs for All

At favorable, cheap prices, you repair your iPhone and iPad from Apple, Mobiles from Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and OnePlus. If you do not find the model you are looking for, contact us for a price proposal, we repair most faults on most models. We help you with broken screens and broken glass, bad batteries that run out quickly or that turn off the mobile phone by itself. Cleans mobile phones that have been dropped in water and become damaged by moisture, helps with software errors or technical questions if, for example, your iPhone or Samsung mobile phone has become sluggish. The most common repairs we do are screen replacement and battery replacement, where most repairs are quickly completed within 1-2 hours and we always provide a guarantee.


The new new is used

We sell used mobile phones that are carefully reviewed by us, securely deleted from the data and sold with good warranty conditions. Sell your old mobile phone to us, we are happy to buy them even if they are broken. Visit our stores at Storgatan 25, 58223, Linköping for help directly or contact our customer service.

We help you with everything from repairs to advice.

18 years of experience

We are proud of our victories and achievements.

180 days

180 Days warranty on most repairs


Repaired devices


Years of experience


Satisfied customers

Our Reviews

See what our customers say about us

- Sabbir 

There is no better place to fix your mobile. Good quality, professional and VERY nice staff. In addition, fast and black. Been there several times with various problems and been thoroughly enjoyed every time. They try to the utmost to find the best solution for you A self-certainty for me to go there again if something were to happen, recommend the stable to everyone I know Finally I changed the glass iphone x. Many THANKS! 

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