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Choose what type of device you wantRepaired

Get your device repaired in THREE easy steps

How to find the model name of yoursmartphones?

Find it on the box or on the original receipt. Another option is to find the IMEI number. It should be on the back of the phone or just dial: *#06#. The link below will take you to the website where you enter the IMEI number and find out the phone name and model.

Push here

Guaranteed Quality

Fancy Phone in Linköping uses only the highest quality parts. We provide a 365-day warranty for iPhone and iPad screen replacements and a 180-day warranty for all other repairs. We offer transparent pricing on our website, you can get your repair prices by entering the model of your device and the problem you are facing and a quote will be generated automatically.

Alternatively, you can call us on

We offer a seamless repair service to you. We help repair and modify your Laga iPhone. We have the qualified right spare parts kit for your repaired iphone linköping. We offer services to all Fix samsung and Fix Samsung linköping users. It is recommended to back up all your data. Please note that it is recommended to remove the security lock and then submit the phone for a full check and repair of the phone or laptop. The repair of the product can be done the same day within a few hours, or it can even take a week. It depends on the intensity of repair needed, parts and location. If important details or operations are performed, we will consult you before performing it. We have a base of happy customers. We initiate and make the phone completely new with a better and faster operating system, better exterior and good to wear.

Cracked display?

Our most common service is display replacement. Most often it is broken glass, but also a non-functioning touch, black screen or other damages that can be remedied by changing the device's display. When replacing a display, the glass, LCD, touch and plastic frame/gasket are always replaced to ensure the highest quality and stability.


Mobile repair with guarantee We work with mobile repair and carry out, among other things, screen replacement and battery replacement on various brands and models including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and more! In addition to that, we also carry out other repairs such as replacing rear glass, front or rear camera, speakers, etc.


When you repair the device with us, you always get a functional guarantee on our spare partsr. The warranty period varies between 6 months, 12 months.


Has your phone screen broken?

​We at Fancy Phone can repair a phone Linköping such as your cracked screen, and if it has suffered major technical damage, we at MobilMaster can arrange for you to get a completely usable mobile phone when you pick it up again.

Repair phone Linköping - Come in today!

Fancy Phone takes care of your phone regardless of whether it has suffered major damage or technical problems. We can fix your phone for you. Fancy Phone will give you a completely fresh and fully functional phone. Within Fancy Phone, we have great experience and knowledge in fixing phone screens, displays and back sides of phones.


We at Fancy Phone offer our customers fast service when they want to fix their phone Linköping, good customer service, phone warranty, and drop-in to our store in Linköping. Fancy Phone aims to offer its customers in Linköping the market's very best prices and service! A broken phone screen is quite common and has happened to all of us at some point. We at Fancy Phone can repair your phone in Linköping regardless of whether your phone has a cracked screen or major, more extensive damage.


You are most welcome to come in for free advice and troubleshooting. Fancy Phone fixes the vast majority of phones in Linköping. Is your Samsung Galaxy in need of repair, have you had an accident? Whether it's a Galaxy S10 or a Galaxy Note20, we're here to help you repair your phone


We can do all repairs to Samsung phones or tablets, for example replacing the display, replacing the back, replacing the display and back or replacing the battery. We can replace the Samsung back glass while you wait.

Phone repair Linköping

If your cell phone is doomed, please give it to us as we fix things that most other companies in the industry can't fix. Visit us, we are one of Sweden's most experienced smartphone repairers. As Sweden's leading mobile phone repairer, we repair most brands such as  iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia, Huawei, Motorola, OnePlus, LG, HTC, Nokia.

We also have special skills to repair your PC or Mac computer.


Buy, Sell used units

Don't want to repair your phone? Do you just want the latest gadget?

We have many options to help you get back on track. Just because you have signed a subscription with your mobile operator does not mean that you have to keep a phone that you are no longer satisfied with. We buy and sell used mobile phones, tablets and computers.
Sell your old phone to us, Do you have an old phone just lying around? come in with it and we'll buy it in! If you have decided not to fix your device, we are happy to buy / recycle it for you.

We will give you money for your used or broken device.

We will give you money for your used or broken device.

Sit back and relax. Enjoy our service when it suits you.

The most common problems with mobile phones

Our customers often have problems with such errors.

Water Damage To Mobile Phones

Dropping the phone in the toilet, sink or bathtub is an accident that owners hope they never have to experience. However, a moment of carelessness results in a damaged smartphone that needs professional repair or replacement. Water seeping into the internal circuitry can render a phone unusable, leaving the owner without a phone until he or she receives a replacement.

Problems with the connection

If you can't access wireless internet, that's another reason for repair. This issue is often caused by firmware bugs or similar operating system issues. Related phone problems include apps not downloading or installing properly.

Fault in the battery

If your device is having trouble holding a charge or can't charge at all? Then it is very likely that you need to change the battery. So why wait any longer? Get in touch with Fancy Phone right away and make an appointment for a repair.

Apple has admitted that it has slowed down older generations of iPhones by using batteries that weaken over time. This can cause your iPhone to suddenly shut down even if it has a good percentage of battery left. By having the battery replaced, your iPhone gets a longer lifespan, which means you don't have to spend a lot of money on a new iPhone.

Samsung reapration with original spare parts from Samsung

If your Samsung Galaxy has broken, you have come to the right place, here at Fancy Phone we repair all Samsung Galaxy models. We do Samsung Screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port repair, headphone jack repair, Samsung back glass replacement and other hardware repairs, unlocking and software repairs.

If your phone model is not on the list, you can contact us for more information or an individual quote.

Broken back glass, camera lens cracked

"We offer services for display replacement and repair of mobile phones in Linköping. By replacing the device's display, your broken glass together with non-functioning touch and black screen or other damages can be fixed. When replacing the display, we always replace the glass, LCD, touch and plastic frame to ensure the highest quality and stability.”

Samsung reapration with original spare parts from Samsung

Mobile screen repair is by far the most common repair in our shop. We are committed to repairing your device quickly, while keeping the price competitive. You can actually expect perfect results! Broken LCD screen or is it just the front glass that is broken?

Touch screen not working? These things are an integral part that is joined together and every time we have to replace the glass and the screen. It also results in better quality work. We have replacement LCD screens for most mobile phones in stock, so we can help you when you need it urgently. Apple iPhone 6S / 6 and 5S we usually have, the same goes for Sony Xperia, Google Pixel, Nexus 6P, OnePlus and HTC screens.

We can also fix a broken LCD screen on your tablet and laptop. We specialize in repairing broken screens on Apple MacBooks, including MacBook Retina and MacBook Air. Always confirm with us the availability of parts before starting your journey.

Do you have a question?

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