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Computer repair

Is the computer crashing? Relax, we'll help you!

Problems with desktop computer? We will solve it. We're who you call when your desktop computer slows down and your programs stop working. From damaged hard drives to infected machines, Fancy Phone is  your personal army of tech-savvy geeks.

We cover the entire area of computer repair in Linköping, and best of all, we can repair most desktop computers in a single visit. If your problem is software related, we may not even need to come to your home or business. Nine out of ten software problems can be solved remotely. So if your hard drive beeps or your screen freezes, let us know. Our professional, qualified computer technicians will get you back to work today.

With us, you can hand in your computer that needs to be looked over. We have our own workshop in the store with over 15 years of experience in service, repairs and upgrades. We always leave fixed prices for our work carried out in our workshop. If you need to repair your mobile, tablet, computer repair in Linköping and fix computer in Linköping. Contact us or come by at Storgatan 25, 58223, Linköping during our opening hours.

  • Computer troubleshooting

  • Installation of Windows

  • Complete hard drive backup

  • Virus/Spyware Cleaning

  • Installation of individual programs

  • Replacement of  monitor, laptop PC

  • Other repairs

In case you cannot detect the problem with your device, you have the option of getting a diagnosis from us on your device. After the diagnosis, you will receive a cost estimate. With the help of cost estimates, you can then decide if you want to proceed with the repair or not! You only pay for the diagnosis if we consider that the service is not possible to perform or if you choose to waive the service according to the cost proposal.  Reliable computer repairer here in Linköping.

A small example of what we help our customers : 

  • Computers that won't start

  • Rescue content from computers that won't boot

  • Network - WiFi not getting coverage in the whole house?

  • Removes viruses and malware

  • Modernize your computer? Is your computer starting to get sluggish? We make it faster.

  • Screen replacement on laptops.

  • Bought a computer in parts and couldn't put them together? We help you.

  • Computer move? We help you change your computer, with installation and configuration.

  • Upgrade your computer, e.g. replace with a larger / faster hard drive, expand working memory and optimize the operating system (Windows / Mac OS / Linux / FreeBSD)

  • Troubleshoot and repair computers.

  • Rescue information and documents from a crashed computer or hard drive.

  • Operating System Reinstallation (Both PC and Mac)

  • Document damages for insurance purposes.

  • Replace gapped charging connector on laptops.

  • Replace fans

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