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For you who are a business customer

Most phones sooner or later experience damage that is not covered by the warranty. It could be anything from a broken rear camera, broken screen or water damage. That's when we at Fancy Phone step in and help you! We understand that you don't want to be without your device, and that's why we offer you fast and efficient service.

Express service

As a business customer, you always get express service on the same day, at no extra cost. So you don't have to wait several days to have your electronics repaired. With many companies, express service is an option, with us we see it as a matter of course. As a business customer, your damaged devices are always prioritized by our technicians who have years of experience.


Being a business customer with us has its advantages. You always get great discounts on prices that are already low. You also get all troubleshooting free of charge, so if you have a problem with a phone and don't know what the problem is, you are always welcome to come in to determine the problem. You pay no membership fee or similar to be a business customer with us.


Personal Contact Person

Do as many of our business customers do, help reduce the negative environmental impact. With a company agreement with us, your employees can (by providing identification) hand in their broken mobile phones to our store. We carry out a free troubleshooting and repair while the customer waits (approx. 15 min).


Do you have a question?

If your question has not yet been answered here, you can use the form by clicking the Ask a question button to ask a question about buying or selling appliances.

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