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iPad Repair

Har glaset spruckit på din iPad? Eller börjar batteriet efter lång och trogen tjänst att ta slut allt snabbare? Då är Fancy Phone experten du letar efter. På grund av dess storlek är iPads mer känsliga för att gå sönder. Men går det att reparera en iPad eller måste man köpa en ny? Komplexiteten i att reparera en iPad är hög, vilket kräver tålamod och skicklighet. Vi har samlat på oss massvis med kunskap kring våra älskade surfplattor. Därför är Fancy Phone det självklara valet om du söker en verkstad för att laga din iPad. Våra utbildade tekniker vet hur man genomför en lyckad reparation och vi byter både displayer och batterier på daglig basis.  Vi ser till att noggrant gå igenom vad som är fel på iPaden och presenterar en lösning.

ipad 9.7 pro 2016
ipad 9.7 pro 2016
ipad 5gen batteri

iPad Pro 9.7 2016 reparation

iPad Pro 9.7 2016 reparation


iPad Pro 9.7 2016 reparation


iPad 5gen laddkontakt

iPad Pro 9.7 2016 Laddningskontakt reparation


iPhone Repair

Has your beloved iPad been damaged or has a cracked screen? Don't worry, Fancy Phone can help!

We have a team of expert technicians who are well versed in most types of damage including: cracked screens, damaged ports or water damage etc. So no matter what damage has been caused, we can repair your iPad at your workplace on a day or time that suits you, we work seven days a week Monday-Sunday.

Our iPad repairs are done right in front of you and only take about 60-90  minutes to complete, so technically we can repair while you're eating lunch!

Simply select your iPad model below and we'll notify you of your booking and arrange an appointment with an iPad screen repair expert from Fancy Phone on the same day. All our iPad screen repairs come with a 365 day guarantee for complete peace of mind.

We can perform various repairs, e.g. tablet repair, We can change the battery ipad   linköping with original or replacement battery. We are in the middle of town and can help you make ipad glass Linköping.

We have extensive experience in repairs for both mobile phones and tablets. Fix ipad display Linköping with us with 365 guarantee and unbeatable prices. We can change the display or   change the glass ipad depends on the brand and model. Welcome to us at Storgatan 25 in Linköping.

What other types of iPad repairs do you perform?

Our experienced technicians can repair most types of problems, including:

It can be about the following:
cracked screen / broken glass / broken LCD screen.
Charging port
Battery replacement
Fixing front camera
Fixing the rear camera
Proximity sensor
Water  or liquid damage
Does not turn on
Problems with earphones and logic or circuit boards that require microsoldering.
Our list of repairs is quite extensive, our most common repair is a cracked iPad screen, but if you have any other problem, please let your technician know when you book and they will be more than happy to advise you.

Which iPad model do I have?

Not sure which iPad model you have? We have put together a simple guide to all iPad models and where you can find your model number. Our skilled staff in the store can also help you find out which iPad model you have. You will find our iPad guide here! 

Repair your iPad at Fancy Phone

Has the glass cracked on your iPad? Or is the battery starting to run out faster after long and faithful service? Then Fancy Phone is the expert you are looking for. Because of its size, iPads are more susceptible to breaking. But can an iPad be repaired or do you have to buy a new one? The complexity of repairing an iPad is high, requiring patience and skill. We have accumulated a lot of knowledge about our beloved tablets. Therefore, Fancy Phone is the obvious choice if you are looking for a workshop to repair your iPad. Our trained technicians know how to carry out a successful repair and we change both displays and batteries on a daily basis.  We make sure to carefully go through what is wrong with the iPad and present a solution.

Affordable and fast iPad repairs

Today it is expensive to buy a new iPad. Regardless of where you buy it, a new iPad rarely costs less than SEK 4,000, and if you have one of the better models on the market, the price tag increases by another few thousand. Repairing your iPad, on the other hand, costs a fraction of the price. A glass replacement on the iPad costs between SEK 999 and 1799 on most models. We usually fix the iPad quickly, which means you don't have to get rid of it for several weeks. We also provide a 6-month  warranty on all our iPad repairs, so that you as a customer can feel safe.

Make ipad glass

Make ipad glass? If you need to fix ipad glass, you've come to the right place. Our technicians have several years of experience in mobile service. With us at Fancy Phone  , we can fix ipad Linköping. We know how frustrating it can be to have a broken smartphone, so we work quickly and efficiently to make it as smooth and easy for you. We have a drop-in store at Storgatan 25. So you can drop it in at the store and make ipad glass quickly while you wait.

Fancy Phone has a guarantee when you choose to fix ipad Linköping

With us at Fancy Phone, you get a 6-month functional guarantee on parts we replace, regardless of when the repair is made. If your repaired unit has problems due to the quality of parts we installed or performed repairs, we will prioritize the case and offer free troubleshooting.

Why make ipad glass at Fancy Phone? The customer and quality are the most important aspects of our business here at Fancy Phone. With us, you always get the right help. This means you don't have to spend time in long phone queues or wait several hours to get your email answered.

Quiet! We can repair ipad in Linköping quickly Fancy Phone

Welcome to Fancy Phone when you want to repair your iPad in Linköping. We know there are many places to drop off your iPad. That is why we do everything to ensure that you as a customer are satisfied with your repair with us. Fancy Phone always has a good price for repairing your ipad Linköping city and maintains a high level of service together with a guarantee. We can change the iPhone battery while you wait.

Do you have a question?

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