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Laga iPhone 14 Pro


iPhone 13 Pro Max repair

iPhone 13 Pro Max repair

When the accident has happened and you need to repair your iPhone 13 Pro Max, it's time to contact us at Fancy Phone in Linköping and we'll help you right away. Our technicians have extensive experience in repairs and of course we guarantee the work!


Premium OLED

Premium screen
Color and contrast like your original screen

6 Months Warranty
Applies to faulty parts, but not damage

True Tone Display
Corrects color and contrast according to environment

Half price
If you damage your screen within 6 months of the repair, we will give you a 50% discount on the next repair.

We disinfect the phone and clean the speaker, microphone and charging socket.

Laga Mobile in Linköping

At Fancy Phone you will find the best solution to all kinds of problems with your mobile phone, without having to burn a hole in your pocket. With a team of reliable and in-depth knowledge, it makes us the leading provider of mobile repair Linköping. We'll first troubleshoot your device to see how much damage your iPhone repair has and then give you a quote.Once you've decided to proceed with the iPhone screen replacement process Once you've decided to proceed with the iPhone display replacement process we help you to the best of our ability and at favorable prices. We also have the expertise in iPhone repair in Linköping. We specialize in all mobile phone repairs including Samsung repair and our top priority is to offer 100% customer satisfaction.  We offer the best mobile phone repair  service for iPhone and Samsung in Linköping. We also help customers with screen replacement Linköping.

Repair your mobile phone

With thousands of repairs under our belts, we have extensive experience with iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Huawei. We will help you regardless of the problem, broken display, cracked screen, bad battery, bad camera or whatever happened to your mobile phone. Always with a six-month warranty, high quality and fast repairs. We have performed numerous repairs of broken screens, battery replacements, charging connectors, cameras and much more. In fact, we have carried out over 100,000 repairs in recent years. Come to us and we will help you repair and extend the life of your mobile phone. Good for both the environment and your wallet.

Many times you find that it is the battery that goes bad first, change it! You will get a smartphone with longer battery life that feels like new. Many cell phone repairs are actually much cheaper than buying a new cell phone. Depending on the mobile phone, a battery change can cost as little as SEK 439.

We also repair tablets from e.g. Apple and Samsung. With us, you can repair most things that belong to a mobile phone - everything from glass replacement, LCD replacement, charging connector replacement, battery replacement, Mobile Display Repair and much more. With us, you repair your mobile phone quickly and easily at Storgatan 25. You simply choose what is easiest for you.

Repair the mobile phone before you look at a new one! Welcome to us at Storgatan 25. Come in and fix your mobile!

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