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Samsung repair


If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you have undoubtedly one of the most remarkable smartphone designs in your possession. But just like any other device, your phone can get damaged at any time. When this happens, we are the ones you should call for your Samsung repair in Linköping.

Our repair experts offer efficient repair services, and we always start with free diagnostics to fully understand what's going on with your device. Once the damage is identified, our technicians will provide an estimate of the price and explain the situation. After your approval, we will begin work to repair or replace the defective parts. Regardless of whether your device needs a screen repair, a battery replacement or if you want to replace the Samsung back glass in Linköping, we offer high-quality solutions.

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Repair the mobile phone with REAL PROFESSIONALS

If the accident were to happen and something were to happen to your phone, it might be nice to get help from someone who is an expert on your particular phone. Our technicians are experts in Samsung mobile phones and tablets and therefore also know what it costs. With our help, you as a customer can buy a repair for the most common damages, e.g. cracked screen, broken back and at the same time have your battery replaced at Fancy Phone in Linköping.

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