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What are frequently asked questions?

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A) are listed questions and answers, all of which are intended to be common questions in some context and which relate to a certain topic.

Why should I buy used?

• We offer you a 6-month warranty on a used phone that is wiped and quality tested. In other words, you get the same functions as a similar new phone but at a lower price.

• Buying a used mobile phone also not only benefits your wallet, you also do the environment a favor. By exchanging, refurbishing and reusing mobile phones, we contribute together to a more sustainable cycle that reduces our joint environmental impact and saves resources.

What is the quality of used mobile phones?

All mobile phones that are to be resold are carefully deleted so that no data from previous users remains. The mobile phone is carefully functionally tested to ensure that it works without problems. Each mobile is also classified based on its physical condition, which affects the final price.


We currently sell used mobiles in these classes:


• Mint condition – The phone has no signs of wear and tear – looks like a brand new phone. The phone is unlocked, tested and works like new.

• Very good condition – Not new, but almost. The mobile may have a few visible signs of use. The screen is flawless. The mobile is quality tested and works without problems.

• Good condition – The mobile may have moderate signs of use in the form of external wear, e.g. scratches. However, the screen is always free of cracks. Quality tested and works without problems. • Fair condition – The phone has clear signs of wear, such as deeper scratches, dents and marks. The phone is unlocked, tested and works like new. The classes come with a 6 month warranty.

What happens to images and other data?

Whoever hands in a mobile phone for recycling can feel secure in the fact that all remaining data, including images, contacts and messages, will be permanently deleted according to security-certified methods. This means that you who buy a used mobile phone get a phone that is just as empty as if it came directly from the factory.

What screens does Fancy Phone use?

At Fancy Phone, we only use parts we ourselves trust. Original where possible and as close to original as possible in other cases.


Apple: For the iPhone, we use two qualities:


Original quality.

“Premium quality”


screens. We get an affordable screen that is as close to the original as possible, the glass may differ slightly in thickness and scratch resistance but otherwise it maintains the same quality. We always provide a 365-day guarantee on our screen replacements. Samsung, Huawei, Sony and OnePlus: From these suppliers we buy original parts from trusted suppliers in Europe and Sweden. The screens are original and the result is a very successful repair. Here, too, we provide a 6-month warranty on the repair.

What are the different qualities of screens?

The biggest difference is seen in the models that use an OLED screen (iPhone X and newer). Where the copies are often of LCD quality, with poorer brightness, color reproduction, durability and touch.


Fancy Phone ONLY uses OLED screens.

What is the difference between OLED and LCD?

The technology behind OLED and LCD differs primarily in that LCD has a "backlight", while on OLED, each pixel lights up by itself.


OLED is a more advanced screen with deep blacks, higher brightness and sharper contrast. Simply a better screen.

Do you need my pin code for repair

​It is up to you if you want to hand over your PIN, but depending on the repair, it may be necessary to either give out the PIN or reset the phone as we need to test the functions of the phone.

Do you have other questions?

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